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Watch: Buffalo Wild Wings Employee Has the Ride of her Life Trying to Stop Dine and Dash Teenagers

A group of three Ohio teens visited a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant on November 20 and apparently decided they didn’t want to pay their $115 dollar bill.

The group hurried out to the white BMW that they were driving but were spotted by the manager, according to WKYC.

Restaurant worker Kayla Sherman saw her manager head out after them.

“I saw our manager kind of taking off through the front door, screaming, ‘I’m going to call the police, I’m going to call the police,’” Sherman told CNN. “It caught me off guard, so I went running out there with him.”

The call came in a little after 9:30 at night.

Sherman apparently approached the vehicle the teens were driving in an attempt to hold them accountable to pay their bill, but the situation ended up escalating.

The manager told the 911 operator that his employee was on top of the car, trying to keep the teens from leaving.

The dispatcher advised the manager to tell the employee to get off of the car.

Should ‘dine and dashers’ be charged with a felony?

The manager said the employee was unable to get off the car because the teens were driving fast and being reckless.

A police dash cam caught the incident on video.

Police Detective Lt. John Begovic of Willoughby commented, “Nothing surprises me anymore.”

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something else comes up. Again, we’re just grateful that there was nobody seriously injured in the case,” he told KABC.

“I really felt like I was about to die, you know, it was the most traumatic thing I’ve been through in my entire life,” Sherman told WKYC.

The 24-year-old restaurant bartender said she was trying to help out her manager.

“So then they just put it in drive and took off and I was still in front of it, so I was on top of it and then they just started driving like crazy,” Sherman said.

Another employee, a 19-year-old server, was also with Sherman and attempting to prevent the vehicle from leaving, but he fell off as the teens speed out of the parking lot.

The BMW hit speeds of 50 miles per hour as the cops chased it, according to police.

Sherman said the driver of the vehicle turned on the windshield wipers and was weaving in and out of traffic attempting to get her off of the hood of the car.

The car eventually ended up getting stuck in the snow.

The police arrested the 16-year-old driver and her two 17-year-old friends, taking them into custody.

The police allege that marijuana was found in the car.

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