Washington Post: FBI found intelligence data on China and Iran in Donald Trump’s Florida home



Highly sensitive intelligence information about Iran and China is contained in some documents that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation found during a search of former US President Donald Trump’s Florida home, the Washington Post reported, citing sources.

These are secret documents that describe intelligence work related to China, and at least one of them relates to Iran’s missile program. The release of information from the documents would bring multiple risks, including endangering people who help the work of US intelligence services, the US newspaper reported, citing experts.

The Justice Department is investigating whether Trump broke the law by taking government documents after he left office in 2021, including about 100 classified documents he moved to his Florida estate.

It is also investigating whether Trump or his team obstructed FBI agents sent to his home.

The US Congressional committee investigating last year’s attacks on the Capitol has formally subpoenaed Trump to testify about the events on January 6, 2021.

“You were at the center of the first and only attempt by any American president to overturn an election. You knew this activity was illegal and unconstitutional,” the summons said. Under federal law, failure to comply with a subpoena from a congressional committee to testify or hand over documents is a misdemeanor, punishable by one month to one year in prison.


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