Warren Buffett attends the Omaha Film Festival; participates in cinema Q&A

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — The Oracle of Omaha himself was in attendance Thursday when he joined the cast and crew for a Q&A session.

Warren Buffett shared his memories of the film’s main characters, Lottie and Howard Marcus, and how he was introduced to them by his mentor Benjamin Graham. Buffett said the Marcuses did not show off their wealth, instead preferring to spend their money where they thought it would be best.

“Basically, they lived well, they did what they wanted to do in life. They had a productive life in terms of their activities. But they didn’t live the life of billionaires and dynasties,” Buffett said. “They made sure their kids had some but not all and they lived long, which by the way is a great argument for being a capitalist.”

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Omaha Film Festival this year, you still have time, screenings continue on Sunday and in .


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