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Warhorse Casino is under construction, but local residents and businesses already feel the consequences

OMAHA, Nebraska – Warhorse Casino will replace Horsemen’s Park, but first Q Street between 60th and 72nd streets must be extended to accommodate the anticipated traffic surge.

The proprietor of a company at the intersection of 60th and Q estimated that construction would last around two months. This is the beginning of a 10 to 12 month endeavor.

Currently, construction personnel are attempting to widen Q Street; therefore, Bryant Moran’s business is suffering.

“The drive-through traffic that we got we lost all of it. We’re adjusting things to the guys at Hawkins a little bit helping us out adding some roadway and stuff for us but it’s on a day-to-day operation probably slows us down about 50% from what were used to,” said Moran.

Bryant’s T’s Auto and Truck Sales has been located on the intersection of 60th and Q for eight years. He claims that internet sales are rescuing him at the moment, but traffic has delayed the service side of his business, including brake repairs and oil changes. He does have a little road that enables access to and from his company via the construction.

However, Bryant and many others in the region are still enthused about the Warhorse Casino’s impending arrival.

“Yeah we’re excited about it, end of the day bring some revenue to Nebraska hopefully lowers the tax dollars we pay a little bit that’s the big thing we’re wanting to see.”

The construction is occurring just in front of Kris Miller’s residence. She claims that her painting provides the children at her daycare something to gaze at.

“I think it’s interesting and a lot of fun actually watching all this stuff do different tricks and moves it’s pretty interesting. We sit in the window and the door and watch them go to action a little bit of action in the neighborhood now,” said Miller.

Everyone on this section of Q Street may experience growing pains for a while, but it is hoped that the better road and simpler traffic flow will benefit the community.

“Eventually over time I could see that happening, but the short-term suffering for it we’ll see how that plays out in the long run so we’ll see.”

Additionally, the enlarged street will incorporate turn lanes.

The proprietors of the Warhorse Casino will pay $8 million for the Q Street road renovations.

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