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Walk for Life participants experience the first year after Roe V. Wade’s upset

LINCOLN, Neb. (Nebraska) – The 1973 Supreme Court decision on Roe V. Wade inspired an annual walk in Lincoln that took a monumental turn this year.

Being the march’s first year since the decision was overturned, the message turned to what participants said was about remembrance.

The Walk for Life event comes just days before the vote on Legislative Bill 626, “The Nebraska Heartbeat Act.”

If passed, the bill would ban abortions in that state after a heartbeat can be heard.

The march began at the Capitol with guest speakers from across the state, including Governor Jim Pillen, Sentaor Pete Ricketts and Senator LB626 sponsor Joni Albrecht.

The march’s goal was to “commemorate the millions of lives lost to abortion in Nebraska.”

The release of a balloon marked the end of the talk section of the program as members of the crowd began their march to Nebraska Union.

Paige Brown said walking is about working towards a future she thinks is right for her son.

“Since having my son, I know I want to work even harder to create a world that celebrates all of life,” she said.

Brown wanted to use her voice in a way that spoke to mothers who are experiencing all levels of difficulties while pregnant.

“As a mother who was well supported throughout her pregnancy, I too had my nerves and my doubts and that’s okay,” she said.

Brown said she was able to lean on a support system of loved ones to cope.

“It was nice to hear the message that woman can do it, that women can support their struggles with support,” she said.

Today’s march was attended by many young people using social media as a means to spread their message.

“Young people are the future,” Brown said. “They’re taking the new tools into their own hands to bring new visions to the movement.”

LB626 will be voted on Wednesday, February 1, Legislative Hearing at 1:30pm

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