Walk for Life Held at the Nebraska Capitol and UNL

LINCOLN, Nebraska. (Nebraska) — Anti-abortion protesters took to the streets in front of the Capitol on Saturday for the annual Walk of Life, the first event since the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case last summer.

The annual event began with a march in the capital, attended by several prominent government figures, including Gov. Jim Pillen, and then moved to the UNL Student Union for anti-abortion speeches by a number of different speakers.

“It’s really invigorating. Since my son was born, I have even more motivation to create a world where all life before and after birth is celebrated,” said one participant. “As a mother who was well supported during my pregnancy, even I had nerves and doubts and it’s normal for people to feel that.”

In addition to being the first Walk for Life since Roe v. Wade was dropped, it was also the 50th anniversary of the event here in Nebraska.


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