Voter-approved sales tax will help the city of Lincoln officials to improve road safety

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Over the course of the past three years, the Lincoln on the Move initiative has contributed more than $40 million to various Lincoln street improvement projects. These are the statistics that have been collected by the City of Lincoln from a quarter-cent increase in the sales tax that was approved in 2019.

According to Lincoln’s Mayor Lerion Gaylor Baird, the city stands “head and shoulders above the competition” when it comes to the quality of its roadways. “Recently, Lincoln was named as the sixth best city to drive in out of a total of one hundred cities, which is beneficial to our local economy, public safety, and neighborhood communities.”

In 2022, around 42 miles worth of improvements received approximately 17 million dollars to be spent on 12 separate projects. Projects on arterial streets included the 14th Street corridor between Adams and Superior Streets, as well as the Randolph Street corridor between 40th and 56th Streets.

Residential neighborhoods all throughout the city received a total of ten additional enhancements. In the first two years, an additional twenty-five projects were finished, and the sales tax will remain in effect for another three years.

With an eye on the year 2023, LTU plans to undertake ten different street projects. These projects are anticipated to receive funding of around $15 million from additional tax revenue over the course of the following year. Please take note that the projects described here are distinct from those that have been completed and supported through the yearly budget street fund.

Find more on the projects and follow along with progress here.

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