Volunteers failed to put the medical marijuana issue on the November ballot in Nebraska, not enough signatures were gathered

OMAHA, Nebraska — This spring, volunteers in Nebraska attempted to gather tens of thousands of signatures to place the medical marijuana issue on the November ballot.

Monday, they realised they had missed the mark.

“To say that it’s devastating would be an understatement,” Crista Eggers of Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana said.

Eggers has pushed this battle for years; medical marijuana access is a personal struggle for her.

“I have a son with intractable epilepsy,” she said. “His epilepsy is not controlled despite every medical treatment that’s available to him.

She stated that medicinal marijuana is the only therapeutic choice for her kid and numerous others in Nebraska. Not all residents of the state concur.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) Nebraska is declaring victory with the following statement: “Nebraska voters were not fooled by the marijuana industry’s Trojan Horse attempt to monetize drug use under the pretense of’medicine,’ a claim that is both dangerous and misleading.”

Eggers expressed her frustration with the legislative process and the lawmakers.

“I want them to listen to me as a mom begging with them to do something because the thought of having to wait until November 2024 when my child will be older and sicker, it should haunt them.”

Eggers stated that she and her volunteers are not given up.

“We just can’t stop,” Eggers said. “We’ve just got to keep going and keep fighting because it’s important and I believe in it and a lot of Nebraska believes in it.”

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