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‘Vision Zero’ plan aims at making city roads safer with the goal of no traffic deaths in Omaha, next steps to be taken

OMAHA, Nebraska — Vision Zero was announced by Mayor Jean Stothert about three years ago. It is a comprehensive plan to make city roadways safer, with the aim of eliminating traffic fatalities.

The city now appears to be moving forward.

The Omaha City Council will decide the following week to hire consultants to assist the city in developing an actionable strategy.

Members of the council appeared poised to approve it, but they insisted that public feedback be included.

One council member has expressed frustration at the city’s poor progress.

“We’re trusting or at least I am that this will be out of darkness so to speak and people will be able to see the goals of it instead of go(ing) click on a website and surf through it. It’s the visibility of the community I think is essential,” said Council Member Danny Begley.

The city would pay the consultant WSP USA around $345,000 with the expectation that a report would be produced the following year. The mayor and council may then utilize the study to formulate the roads budget.

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