(Video) YouTuber accused of deliberately crashing a plane for a number of clicks

Former Olympic snowboarder and YouTuber Trevor Jacob is accused of deliberately crashing his plane to get as many views as possible on YouTube. The investigation was opened by the US Federal Aviation Administration “FAA”.

The investigation was launched immediately after Trevor posted the video on YouTube. Many of his fans criticized him, saying that the plane did not start falling by itself and that Jacob deliberately jumped off it and filmed it falling for more clicks.

Jacob climbed a hill in the Los Padres National Forest near Kuiyama, California. He was supposed to fly from Santa Barbara to Mammoth Lakes.

There he wanted to fly a paraglider and ski on a snowboard. He also wanted to spill the ashes of a friend who had died just days earlier during the flight. But Jacob deliberately sabotaged the flight, lowered the nose of the aircraft and deliberately crashed it to the ground.

The video caused a great deal of attention after he posted it on YouTube, and those who understand aviation attacked him. Jacob in a short time had more than 5,000 comments, which were deleted from social networks because of their content.

Since then, people have started making their own recordings that point out the irregularities of Jacob’s original recording, which brought him more than 1,140,000 views in less than a month.

Following the public outcry, the US Federal Aviation Administration became involved in the incident and launched an investigation.

The FAA is known to be thorough when it comes to such investigations and often takes more than a year to make a complete report. It remains to be seen whether Jacob will be prosecuted for the crash or only have his pilot’s license revoked if he is found to have intentionally crashed the plane.

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