Veterans Parade took place in Lincoln on Sunday, special focus on honoring women veterans

LINCOLN, Nebraska – The city of Lincoln held a parade in celebration of its veterans, and this year’s event placed a particular emphasis on recognizing and thanking the city’s female veterans.

There are approximately 2 million female veterans living in the United States, with 12,000 of them residing in the state of Nebraska alone. On Sunday, a large group of people gathered in the center of Lincoln to show their appreciation to those who had served in the military.

At the fourth annual Lincoln Veterans Parade, which took place on the north side of the Capital Building, families, children, and veterans of all ages gathered together. Women who had been in the military told accounts of how they were frequently ignored or not acknowledged as veterans due to factors like letting their hair grow out after they finished their service. It was vital for Virginia Yoder, who is a retired senior chief from the United States Coast Guard, to bring awareness to women who are similar to herself on Sunday.

“There are times when we go to represent ourselves, and people will ask, ‘oh, is your husband a veteran?’ and so it’s kind of nice to have a parade that honors women veterans,” Yoder said. “We have some instances where we’ll go to represent ourselves, and people will ask, ‘oh, is your husband a veteran?'”

The march route leading up to the capitol was led by an all-female unit called the Offutt Honor Guard. The Girl Scouts, the Lincoln High Marching Band, and numerous other veteran outreach agencies were among the organizations that participated in the parade and were located along its route.

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