Valley residents filed a lawsuit against the city over a proposed RV park near the Platte River

VALLEY, Nebraska – A lawsuit has been filed against the city by residents of Valley.

It is connected to a plan for a recreational vehicle park located close to the Platte River. The developer has stated that he considered their concerns and worked to find a solution that satisfied everyone involved.

The application for an RV park beside the Platte River was approved by a vote of 2-2 in the Valley city council the previous month, and the mayor cast the deciding vote to break the tie. But some of the neighbors have taken legal action, asking a judge to intervene and put a stop to it.

Plaintiffs include the Sokol Camp Association, which has existed continuously since 1936. During the summer, they brought their concerns to the attention of 6 On Your Side.

In Valley, Nebraska, close to the Platte River, you’ll find the 56 cabins that make up Sokol Camp. There are one-third of them who live there permanently.

“The boats, the commotion that they cause. Because of the congestion. When asked in June, neighbors voiced their concern about how this will influence the community.

More than two hundred parking spaces, either of concrete or gravel, are what the developer plans to provide so that campers with recreational vehicles can take advantage of the warm weather from May through September.

There won’t be a party like a fraternity shindig every weekend. According to Brad Brown, who works for Platte River Resorts, who spoke at the most recent council meeting, “These are families that come here to enjoy the outdoors.”

The neighbors were concerned that the RV park’s tranquil atmosphere would be ruined if loud airboats were allowed to operate there. Therefore, the developer made the decision to ban them. Additionally, the number of RV spots was cut in half, going from 290 to 230.

In the case, the neighbors said that they were taken aback by the alterations that were made at the eleventh hour and placed before the city council, particularly given the fact that the planning board had already voted against the original design. In addition to this, they ask how any of this building can be carried out in a floodway.

The residents also dispute whether or not the mayor should have broken the tie between the two council members when it came to deciding whether or not to accept the RV park because a certain number of the neighbors had submitted written objections.

The city of Valley has thirty days to respond to the lawsuit after it has been served.

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