Utilizing the ‘Fast Company’ Account, hackers send profane Apple News notifications to iPhones

Hackers obtained access to the Apple News feed of the business journal Fast Company and delivered obscene push alerts to iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. The publication suspended its Apple News feed as well as its homepage until it is “confident that the matter has been rectified.”

According to Apple Insider, hackers got access to Fast Company’s Apple News channel and sent obscene push notifications to iOS users, prompting the newspaper to suspend its material from the internet while it investigates the attack. As of this writing, visiting the Fast Company website produces a 404 not found error.

Apple News swiftly blocked Fast Company’s feed on Apple News and addressed the matter on Twitter.

Fast Company, which has been compromised, put out an extremely inflammatory alert. The Apple News channel has been disabled.

— Apple News on Twitter on September 28, 2022

Additionally, Fast Company tweeted on the issue:

We have paused the feed and shutdown until we are convinced that the issue has been handled.

September 28, 2022 — Fast Company (@FastCompany)

To clarify, the content management system (CMS) of Fast Company was hacked on Tuesday evening, impacting our Apple News alerts.

September 28, 2022 — Fast Company (@FastCompany)

Many recipients of the offensive push message instantly reported about the issue on Twitter. The Verge also reported that a post on the website of Fast Company described how hackers were able to circumvent the company’s security system.

The hacker also provided a link to a forum post in which they claimed they would publish thousands of personnel records and draft posts from the Fast Company database. Additionally, they determined that consumer data was housed in a database that they were unable to access.

As a result of the data breach, the proprietors of Fast Company decided to shut down the entire website, which they did. As of 12:30 p.m. EST, the website is still unavailable.


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