Upset mom googles symptoms before doctor breaks bad news

The mother said she tried to Google her symptoms before doctors gave her the devastating news that she had bowel cancer.

Michelle Grant of Runcorn feared something was wrong after she passed out at work. She thought she might have a brain tumor after the sudden seizure, but the test results came back clear.

A few months later, in 2020, the mother of one had another seizure and was prescribed medication by doctors, which she said made her constipated.

Now, the 44-year-old woman said she called her doctors many times but was told it was a side effect of the medication and was given a laxative.

It was then that Michelle began to have other symptoms, such as bloody mucus. Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, she said: “Then I had this smell in my hands and in my feces and it wasn’t normal. They just kept blaming it on my medication.”

One day, when she was walking home from work, Michelle couldn’t control her chair and got dirty. The 44-year-old woman said she “knew it wasn’t normal” and called her therapist to ask for a face-to-face meeting. Michelle was referred for more tests before a colonoscopy showed she had stage 2 bowel cancer.

She said: “The consultant was confused that it didn’t show up in my gland because bowel cancer usually shows up in your gland in your blood, but it didn’t come up. So he said he thought it was. [caught] early.”

Michelle added, “I was really lucky, but I think if I hadn’t been pushing and pushing, I wouldn’t have gotten it this early. I wanted to show people that if your body doesn’t feel good, [go get checked out].”

The 44-year-old woman said she wanted to share her story as her symptoms were unusual and “in fact, they weren’t even on Google.” Michelle was also told that a tumor in her intestines was pressing on her fibroids, and the doctors didn’t know if the cancer was supposed to spread to her uterus and cervix.

Doctors made the decision to have Michelle operated on to remove them and let her eggs be frozen, but since her daughter was 21 at the time, Michelle said it didn’t hit her too hard to be infertile as she had family.

Michelle’s uterus, cervix, cancer and 11 lymph nodes were removed and she had a temporary stoma placed. The 44-year-old woman lived with an ostomy for a year and had it replaced last November.

Speaking about the stoma, she said: “You don’t control your bowels, but I just took it. It’s a little strange to get used to tight clothes again because I used to wear baggy clothes.”

Michelle also became a nanny in July 2020 and said she missed hugging her grandson as she couldn’t pick him up, but now she’s making up for it. The 44-year-old is now cancer-free and said he wants to raise awareness about bowel cancer.

She said: “Recently, I just had a two-year CT scan and they came back clear. It was a whirlwind. But I wanted to raise awareness because colon cancer, if you leave it this late, is one of the biggest killers. “

Michelle also thanked her friends, daughter and mother for their help and support during the diagnosis and treatment.

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