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UNO CADRE Project strongly supports teachers in Nebraska and Iowa, it will make huge difference

OMAHA, Nebraska — Brianna Mather is a second-grade teacher in her first year at Mockingbird Elementary School.

Mather stated, “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I just want to make a difference, even only in one child’s life.”

She is also participating in the CADRE project and pursuing a master’s degree with financial assistance from her school district.

Mather stated, “It’s emotionally much more difficult than I anticipated, but it’s getting better and it’s worth it because it’s making me a better teacher.”

In addition to becoming full-time instructors, they visit the UNO campus around twice per month and do online curriculum.

Chris Wilcoxen, director of the CADRE Project, stated, “They are obtaining their degree in 14 months, which gives them an instant income increase and puts them off on the proper foot; they have strategies and a master’s degree educational foundation to support it.”

Over the past 28 years, 95 percent of the program’s professors have remained in the field.

Each teacher is paired with an experienced mentor in their district, and through their coursework at UNO, they acquire immediately applicable classroom skills.

“Being able to look at data from, say, kids — for a test or anything similar — and evaluate it incredibly quickly: “Okay, where did they go wrong? What topic did they not comprehend?’ “Ralston Middle School seventh-grade math teacher Andrea Lopez stated.

Lopez is a recent CADRE graduate.

“On occasion, I would wonder, “What am I doing wrong? What can I do to improve? Specifically, bouncing ideas off somebody “Lopez stated.

And having the support of their fellow CADRE students makes an enormous difference.

“It’s nice to have these people in class with whom we’ve developed a level of trust, so that we feel comfortable disclosing things with which we need assistance,” Mather remarked.

A district investment is an investment in the future.

Lopez stated, “I understood that this was my calling, that this is where I belong, and that I wish to remain in this school district.”

Participating school districts in Nebraska and Iowa are responsible for all hiring and selection.

The University of Nevada, Omaha needs a minimum GPA of 3.0 and teaching certification. Visit cehhs.unomaha.edu/cadre for more information on the program and other application requirements and dates for the CADRE Project.

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