University of Gothenburg study shows how proper diet impacts young children

Children with a proper diet are happier, can better self-assess and have fewer emotional problems, scientists from the University of Gothenburg have found, referred to by The Daily Mail.

Children who consume vegetables are better friends with their peers and rarely become victims of bullying. Swedish scientists observed 7,600 children aged 2 to 9 years.

They studied how often the children consumed 43 types of food. Young children have been shown to have a strong relationship between healthy eating and psychological well-being. It is associated with the use of more fruits and vegetables in their diet, and the normal self-esteem is due to the limited consumption of sugar.

Due to the content of antioxidants, fruits and vegetables have a positive effect.

The consumption of fish 2-3 times a week had a positive effect on self-esteem, and led to a lack of emotional problems and problems with peers. Consumption of green leafy vegetables is also associated with good relationships with friends and a low risk of harassment.

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