Ukrainian prosecutors have set a $35 million bond for Poroshenko

Ukrainian prosecutors have demanded bail of 1 billion hryvnia ($ 35 million) for former leader Petro Poroshenko, who returned to Ukraine today despite facing arrest on treason charges.

A spokesman for the prosecution during the interrogation hearing asked Poroshenko, one of the richest people in the country with a fortune estimated at $ 1.6 billion, to be released on bail and to wear an electronic surveillance bracelet.

Prosecutors have asked the Pechersk District Court in Kiev to impose a two-month “precautionary measure” on the former Ukrainian president.

The prosecution asked the court to oblige Poroshenko to hand over all his passports.

Poroshenko’s lawyers are still hearing a court hearing (more than 5.5 hours). They are objecting to a precautionary measure against the fifth president of the country. Hundreds of Poroshenko supporters are still gathering in court, and the whole situation remains relatively calm, local media reported.

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