Uber is accused of mistreatment of women and tried to cover up with using abortion activism, Consumer’s Research says

Uber is accused of utilizing abortion advocacy to conceal the alleged maltreatment of women by the firm.

Consumer’s Research launched a new ad campaign on Thursday that focuses on reports that female Uber customers in different states were “kidnapped, sexually assaulted, sexually abused, raped, wrongfully imprisoned, stalked, harassed, or otherwise harmed” by their Uber drivers.

Consumer’s Research accuses Uber of attempting to conceal these allegations through their abortion activism, such as its pledge to cover employee out-of-state abortion travel expenses and the legal fees of drivers sued under Texas’ abortion law (these drivers would only be held liable under the law if there was proof that the driver knew that his passenger was on her way to abort her unborn baby that had a heartbeat).

“Uber’s woke leadership is attempting to hide behind the fig leaf of funding abortion travel for employees rather than fixing serious problems such as sexual assaults on customers and subjecting pregnant workers to discrimination and unsafe working conditions,” said the organization’s executive director, Will Hild.

“The truth is that Uber’s behavior toward women has been nothing short of horrifying, and assuming that paying for abortion expenses is somehow going to make it all better is manipulative and extremely misguided,” he added.

This advertisement, which will air nationally, particularly in San Francisco, where Uber’s headquarters are located, and in major business hubs such as New York City and Washington, D.C., is part of the multimillion-dollar Consumers First Initiative, which focuses on woke capitalism in corporations such as BlackRock, Nike, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, TicketMaster, and Major League Baseball.

“Uber pretends they care about women” by “helping pay for abortions,” the ad said. “But we know the truth. Protect your customers. Stop serving woke politicians.”

Uber did not immediately reply to The Daily Wire’s request for comment. Currently, the corporation is being sued by hundreds of women who allege Uber drivers abused them:

“As early as 2014, Uber became aware that its drivers were sexually assaulting and raping female passengers; nevertheless, in the eight years since, sexual predators driving for Uber have continued to attack passengers, including the plaintiffs whose claims were alleged in today’s action,” the Slater Slater Schulman law firm said of the lawsuit in a July press release.

Following the announcement of the lawsuit, Uber stated that it could not comment on the current litigation but pledged to “put safety at the forefront of our efforts.”

“While the firm claims to be representing at least 550 women with cases — the law firm has only filed 12 to date,” Uber said at the time. “They have not been able to provide any critical incident details for us to identify a connection to the Uber platform.”

The legal firm informed CNBC that it has filed 24 assault cases as of the end of July, stating that it represents 550 clients who accuse Uber of sexual assault and noted that at least 150 further assault accusations are being examined.

“The cases have been and will continue to be filed in multi-party complaints, which means they are not filed all at once as they would in a class action,” the firm said.

In its second safety report, filed around two weeks prior to the lawsuit, Uber reported receiving 3,824 allegations of sexual assault in 2019 and 2020. Uber stated that these sexual assault claims ranged from “non-consensual kissing of a non-sexual body part” to “non-consensual sexual penetration” or rape.

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