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Two suspected illegal aliens killed a bald eagle to cook their own dinner, now the society is “seething”: sheriff

The symbolism and microcosm tend to be exaggerated these days, but it’s hard not to see this tragic story of alleged illegal immigrants and the bald eagle as an incredibly fitting microcosm of Joe Biden’s America.

Stanton County in Nebraska was rocked by controversy last week when a pair of 20-year-old Honduran citizens were caught with a dead bald eagle.

“At around 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle northwest of Wood Duck’s main recreational area, which is located about three miles southwest of Stanton,” the report said. statement Tuesday.

“The vehicle was in a field and upon contact with two males, it was determined that they were in possession of a dead North American bald eagle,” the report said.

Anyone who has spent five minutes in the United States can tell you that few things are more emblematic of raw, unfiltered America than the bald eagle.

The killing of one of the majestic birds – a national symbol from 1782 – it’s like spitting on the flag.

According to the sheriff’s office, Ramiro Hernandez-Zikin and Domingo Zetino-Hernandez were in possession of more than just an eagle corpse.

“Further investigation revealed that the two shot and killed a protected national bird in the area and said they planned to cook and eat the bird,” the statement said.

The men were accused of “illegal possession of an eagle,” the sheriff’s office said.

Should suspects face federal charges?

In addition, Hernandez-Cikwin was cited for not having a driver’s license, the report said.

“More serious charges are possible as the investigation into the unlawful killing continues,” the sheriff’s office said.

Well, these “serious allegations” are apparently not forthcoming with any help from the US government, despite the fact that killing a bald eagle is a violation of federal law. Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle Protection Law punishable by up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine.

Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger lamented the laissez faire the feds have taken in this troubling case. Washington Free Lighthouse that the locals were “worried” and “offended” by the (lack of) reaction.

The Free Beacon noted that Honduran citizens are “allowed to move freely around the country” because they have only been charged with misdemeanors. Under Nebraska law, that means the two can’t be in jail until the March 28 trial.

“I am very disappointed with the federal government,” Unger told the publication.

He said his office would not release photos of the dead eagle because the “very graphic” images contained “a lot of blood”.

The annoyed sheriff also continued: Fox News lament the inaction of the Biden administration, saying that his community is “outraged.”

“The locals I spoke to are very upset and want something to be done. And the federal government is what really has the power and ability to prosecute these gentlemen to the highest degree,” Unger told Fox & Friends.

The sheriff said that every time he tried to contact someone to help move this case forward, he ran into difficulties – and he “has yet to talk to the person.”

Thus, suspected illegal immigrants are accused of committing a heinous crime, and Biden’s lukewarm stance on illegal immigration hinders real justice. Where did the Americans hear this story before?

Alas, this tragic story is quite appropriate in Biden’s America, where illegal immigrants are more likely to receive free iphone And government job than anything like justice.

Despite the fact that the bald eagle has been an indelible symbol of this country since its founding, the Biden administration did not bother to lift a finger after one of them was brutally murdered.

It’s sad, but not as sad as it’s unsurprising.

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