Two South Carolina teenagers are charged for bringing weapon at Berkeley County’s Philip Simmons High School on Friday

DANIEL ISLAND, South Carolina – Following the discovery of three pistols at Philip Simmons High School on Friday, the authorities are considering filing charges against two youths.

According to the incident report, the ages of the students are given as 16 and 17 respectively. Because of their young age, their names have not been made public. The sheriff’s office did not disclose the accusations that the teenagers are currently facing in a release that they issued.

According to Cpl. Carli Drayton, a school resource officer responded to a tip that a student had taken a pistol to a football game the previous week by notifying school administration, who then performed a check of the student in question. The youngster was not found to be in possession of a firearm.

She stated that a firearm was discovered in the student’s bookbag when the search was being conducted.

According to what she said, school officials discovered that two additional students may have been in possession of weapons at the same time.

According to what Drayton claimed, “School administration identified a second kid who was named, and upon completing the administrative search, two more handguns were confiscated from him.” “School administration located a second student who was mentioned,”

According to the deputies, the student ran away from the office and then forced the school to go into lockdown until he could be apprehended. According to the deputies, the third pupil had an early dismissal form signed for them and was not present at school.

Deputy sheriffs went to the residence of the student in question, made contact with the student’s guardian, and determined that the student did not have access to any firearms.

According to Drayton, one of the handguns that was recovered had been reported stolen through the Summerville Police Department before it was recovered.

According to Drayton, the adolescents were sent to the Department of Juvenile Justice in South Carolina.

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