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Two South Carolina students were arrested in Berkeley County about a possible weapon on campus

BERKELEY COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA – Following the arrest of two adolescents on Friday afternoon at Philip Simmons High School, both students and parents of high school students agree that the school did an effective job of handling the situation.

In the later part of the school day, deputies from the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office went to the high school in response to a report of a probable weapon being on campus. Because of this, a lockdown was implemented at each of the three Philip Simmons schools. Parents said that they were swiftly alerted by email, text message, and phone call after officials arrived at the scene.

Kendra Christmas, the mother of a student at Philip Simmons High School who is 15 years old, expressed that she believed the school district did an excellent job of interacting with the parents of its students.

Christmas added, “I think at first you are kind of stunned and you don’t believe it’s real, but my son was like, ‘Mom we are very good and we’re secure in here,’ which was comforting.” “I think at first you are kind of stunned and you don’t believe it’s real.” “Consequently, I didn’t hurry to go to the school. I came near by and waited till we were given permission to come before I showed up.

Students reported that once the classes were placed in lockdown mode, they remained seated for approximately one hour before moving to a section of the room that was away from windows.

Landon Robb, a student at Philip Simmons, reported that they had just informed them that the building was under complete lockdown and that no one was permitted to leave the room. “We closed the shutters and ensured that the doors were locked. As children emerged from the lockdown, there was a backup in the traffic that around the schools that lasted for at least an hour.

Dennis Schimpf is a parent of two children that are enrolled in Philips Simmons High School. He stated that the circumstance that is occurring so close to home is insane.

Schimpf stated that one does not constantly reflect on the matter. You find out about it in the national news, and it’s really mind-boggling to consider the possibility of that happening. You should realize that youngsters are wandering around like that with firearms.

Students and supporters came out to watch the Philip Simmons homecoming football game on Friday evening despite the school being placed under lockdown. Que Vaugag, a student who is 15 years old, stated that other people were stressing out, but he himself was not.

Vaugag responded by stating, “I mean, you can’t control what’s going to happen.” “Life is what it is. It’s impossible to say.”

The sheriff’s office made an announcement as the lockdowns were being lifted that two juvenile students had been taken into custody. According to the officials, a total of three firearms were located as a result of the event.

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