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Two Omaha teenagers, local skaters, qualified for the U.S. Pairs Finals

OMAHA, Nebraska – In November, two local athletes will compete at the national level.

Camille Kane, age 13, and Thomas McClure, age 16, have been a couples figure skating partner for three years.

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Andrea Kunz-Williams, their coach, remarked, “They both skate 5 to 6 days per week, are both extremely powerful skaters to begin with, and together, they are phenomenal.”

The two qualified for the U.S. Pairs Finals this year.

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Camille Kane remarked, “Just getting there is a tremendous achievement.”

It is the premier competition where they will compete against elite skaters from across the country.

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“Specifically for local skaters,” Kunz-Williams stated. Every time they advance to these larger tournaments, it’s a huge accomplishment, and we’re really happy for them.

Coach Andrea Kunz-Williams claims that it has been years since an Omaha couple has reached this level of competition.

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“Probably at least 25 years”

Camille stated, “Pairs is a very unique sport in which you seldom get the chance to compete, so the fact that we’re able to go to the U.S. Pairs Finals is quite thrilling and wonderful.”

The two skaters participate at the intermediate level, which is only three levels below the Olympic competitors.

Next month, as they prepare for the national stage, they are more enthusiastic than anxious.

Thomas McClure stated, “The easiest way to phrase it is that it’s just another competition.” “Do not take it too seriously or become very anxious about it. If you win a medal, consider it a bonus.”

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The two train together for many hours per week, but also train separately, accumulating hundreds of hours of ice time every month.

Camille remarked, “It demonstrates just how much can be accomplished with effort and patience.”

“They know each other’s skills and weaknesses and really help each other out; they’re excellent friends, so it’s exciting to see them succeed together,” Kunz-Williams explained.

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This adolescent couple is taking the gold medal home next month.

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