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Two Omaha residents have been assaulted Sunday early morning on Spaulding Street, Omaha PD investigates the incident

OMAHA, Nebraska – After two persons reported being assaulted overnight, the police are conducting an investigation into the incident.

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The assault report came in at 2:33 a.m. on Sunday morning, according to the Omaha Police Department, and officers were dispatched to the vicinity of 104th and Spaulding Street.

When the police came, they discovered a victim who was 23 years old and who allegedly reported that he was attacked by four persons.

Another victim was discovered; this time it was a 22-year-old who, according to the police, had been cut during the assault.

Both victims were sent to CUMC to be treated for their injuries.

The investigation by the police is still ongoing. Anyone who may have information regarding this crime is urged to call Omaha Crime Stoppers.

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