Two Nebraska families helping one another in getting much-needed service dogs

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA – To obtain assistance dogs, two Nebraskan families are traveling down a similar path. Another family came forward to assist when one family’s fundraiser fell short of expectations.

Both Gracie Wolfe and Luke Craig require service animals. Gracie has a unique type of epilepsy, while Craig has a catastrophic brain injury.

The Wolfe family gave Craig money over the holiday to assist him in purchasing a puppy of his own.

In a vehicle accident 25 years ago, Craig sustained a traumatic brain damage. For the past two years, he has been trying to get a service dog.

Rhonda Alcorn, Craig’s mother, started a GoFundMe eight months ago. Alcorn claimed that a service dog would help Craig gain freedom and aid him in his daily activities.

They were unsure of how they would come up with the final $3,000 needed to complete the acquisition of Craig’s puppy when donations began to dry up. The two Nebraskan families were then introduced through a common acquaintance.

Alcorn stated, “I was genuinely worried about the extra $3,000 and was ready to take out a loan, which I did not want to do, but I would do it because I want Luke to have his dog.” The dog will have a significant impact on his life.

August is when Craig will get his service dog. Although Gracie’s family still needs to raise money, they predict that she will get a puppy in two to three years.

Craig and Alcorn are also continuing to raise money for other families in a like position through their GoFundMe page.

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