Two firetrucks collided in Paterson resulting with several firefighters injured

As a result of a collision that occurred between two fire vehicles on Saturday evening in Paterson, New Jersey, eight firefighters were hurt.

According to information obtained by CBS New York, the two fire engines belonging to the Paterson Fire Department collided at 6 p.m. local time while traveling to a two-alarm blaze. Then, one of the fire engines careened into a grocery store, causing extensive damage.

Shameikz Sinclair, a local of Paterson, New Jersey, was quoted as saying, “I was simply shopping, and when I crossed the street, that’s when I heard it, and then I turned around and saw.”

According to Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh, who spoke to CBS New York, one firefighter was “severely hurt.” The remaining seven people all sustained what are thought to be very minor injuries.

“We have eight firemen who are hurt, and one of them is fairly severely injured, so we ask that people pray for that guy to have a full and rapid recovery,” Sayegh said. “We are grateful for the support of the community as they pray for that individual.”

According to Jerry Speziale, the Director of Paterson’s Public Safety Department, the incident occurred as both fire engines were on their way to a two-alarm fire that was taking place at an electric bicycle shop.

“The entire interior of the first floor has been entirely destroyed and ruined by the fire,” Speziale said of the electric bicycle store after the blaze.

It is unknown whether anyone inside the supermarket sustained injuries. There was insufficient evidence to determine the specific series of events that led up to the collision.

About 24 kilometers (15 miles) to the north of Newark is the city of Paterson.

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