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Two fire incidents in Omaha are being investigated by the local fire officials, more details expected in the upcoming days

OMAHA, Nebraska – Two suspicious fires are being investigated by the Omaha Fire Department. One began in a North Omaha business, while the other began in a community in transition.

New work is ongoing near the intersection of 25th and Binney. Habitat for Humanity is constructing a brand-new house to add to this neighborhood’s improvement.

However, the vacant home next door was completely destroyed by fire. Officials with the Omaha Fire Department have deemed the fire suspicious, causing worry among the Habitat for Humanity workers who are constructing just adjacent to the destroyed, uninhabited structure.

“We are aware of the threat and what they are capable of doing in a neighborhood, hence this house is located at 25th and Binney.” Tracie McPherson stated, “We have reached out to the owner of that property multiple times, but we have not received a response since we are attempting to purchase the land.”

According to the neighbors, the home has been empty for years. They observe transits passing by. This eyesore, according to Tracie McPherson of Habitat for Humanity, is holding the area back.

“When you invest in a community and we see others investing in their houses by fixing them up, we realize that an empty property does not increase the value of anyone’s home,” said McPherson.

The second fire broke out at Container One last week. Crews discovered many fires within the structure. The smokey fire released a great deal of black smoke into the air, and firemen estimate that this fire caused more than $250,000 in damages.

Scott Fitzpatrick stated, “Our fire investigation section is actively examining the fires, which appear suspicious at this time.”

It is important, according to Battalion Chief Scott Fitzpatrick, to keep a watch out for unusual activities around homes and businesses.

“Therefore, we want to prevent fires before they even start, so we need people to be proactive. “If you notice something, dial 911; if you spot a fire, catching it early can assist save property loss and injuries to our firefighters,” added Fitzpatrick.

If you have any information on these two suspicious fires, please contact the Arson Hotline at 402-444-FIRE or Crime Stoppers at 402-444-STOP.

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