Twitter introduces the option of sharing tweets with a maximum of 150 users

The social network Twitter is working on an option that will allow users to share certain tweets only with a specific group of people.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because of Instagram’s Close Friends feature, which does the same thing – share content with a select group of people. In the case of Twitter, tweets will be limited to the so-called Flock.

Twitter announced the feature back in July and called it Trusted Friends. Since then, Alessandro Paluzzi has been following the progress of Twitter, and the option is slowly taking its final shape.

Users will be able to get detailed information about the option, and among the main feature is that up to 150 people can be added. That group of users will be able to view or reply to Flock tweets.

If the user decides that a person does not want it in their Flock, they can simply remove it, and that person will not receive a notification that it has been removed.

If the user is in someone’s Flock, after sending the tweet it will be clear that it is content for a selected group. The user will have the option before posting a tweet to determine if he wants to be seen by everyone who follows him or just those in the flock.

In September, Twitter introduced a call-only feature that allows users with similar interests to connect. This option also allows you to send tweets to a specific community instead of all users.

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