Trucks, medical tents, and volunteer agencies are taking over a bit of Cass County farm ground as time gets closer to the Luke Bryan concer

MURDOCK, Nebraska – As the Luke Bryan concert approaches, vehicles, medical tents, and volunteer organizations are occupying a portion of farmland in Cass County.

Andrew Stock states that Luke Bryan’s team selected his alfalfa field due to its cleanliness and suppleness.

Stock stated, “As farmers, we’re pretty well done for the year.” Therefore, they were searching for a large enough field to host this event.

The show on Thursday evening will be a part of Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour.

Stock stated that Bryan’s team intends to promote agriculture and rural communities, as well as raise funds for students interested in pursuing a career in agriculture.

“His motivation for the farm tour is that he wants people to see what we do on the farm,” Stock explained.

Chad Korte, chief deputy director of Cass County Management, stated that he anticipates the concert to be packed and that his team will guarantee that traffic flows smoothly on the rural route.

Therefore, parking has been arranged on the opposite side of 298th and South and this field, as stated by Korte. “There will be enough parking here; the only accessible routes will be Waverly Road and 298th Street; all surrounding roads will be closed.”

Stock is excited, knowing that there will be a large number of attendees.

“It’s interesting to have so many people visit our farm, because generally it’s a small, peaceful village of 250 people,” remarked Stock.

Stock stated that he hopes everyone who attends the event enjoys themselves and understands the significance of agriculture.

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