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Truck crashed into a train bridge in North Omaha Monday morning, train traffic stopped in the area

Omaha, Nebraska – Train traffic in part of Omaha was stopped due to crash after truck struck train bridge, local authorities confirmed the incident.

According to the Omaha Police Department, the incident happened in the morning hours on Monday around 8 a.m. at John J. Pershing Drive and Florence Boulevard in north Omaha.

The train traffic was brought to a halt in the area after the truck struck a Union Pacific bridge.

The truck became wedged under the 9-foot-10 bridge and then partially tipped over.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident and only financial damage was confirmed.

Bridge inspectors arrived in the area to examine the bridge. Once they confirmed no serious damages were done to the bridge, the reopened the bridge for train traffic.

As of writing of this article, no more details were given.

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