Tragedy in the French Alps, a five-year-old girl killed, hit by a skier

A terrible accident happened in the French Alps when a 40-year-old man while skiing ran into a five-year-old girl Ophelia from Britain and killed him on the spot!

According to the British media, the unfortunate child was on the ski slope when a man ran into her at high speed.

The girl, as reported, had no chance of surviving due to extremely severe injuries, and died on the way to the hospital.

The tragedy happened in the luxury resort of Flen, which is located about 80 km from the Swiss city of Geneva. Little Ophelia lived with her family in that city.

Shortly before losing her life, she was skiing with four other children standing not far from the instructor at the very edge of the trail.

He is a man who was obviously a good skier, volunteered as a firefighter, but apparently was moving at a high speed – said the prosecutor from nearby Bonneville and revealed that a man will be charged with murder, primarily for endangering safety.

The accused 40-year-old man will receive a sentence of at least five years in prison, as well as a fine of about 65,000 euros.

The media reports that the family of little Ophelia is in an extremely difficult situation and that they are currently working on finding psychological support for them, before arriving back in Geneva.

Otherwise, the maximum allowed speed of the part where the child died is 48 kilometers per hour, but the man was moving much faster than that.

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