TOTAL DOMINATION: The Americans compared the Russian Su-35 with the basic version of the Su-27 fighter

The Internet portal Military Watch compared the Russian Su-35 fighter with its basic version, which is still used by certain countries in the immediate vicinity of the Russian Federation, and presents them as their best aircraft. The American authors on this occasion assessed the chances of these fighter jets in the event of their mutual confrontation in the air.

The author notes that Ukraine since 2014 is trying to increase the number of its operational fighter jets. But while its air force was once among the top five in the world thanks to its Soviet legacy, everything has been lost over the years. For example, in the early 1990s, the fleet of fighter jets that were part of the Ukrainian Air Force was composed of more than 1,000 different machines, while now there are barely a hundred.

Of this number, approximately one squadron (14 units) consists of a Su-24M aircraft with very limited capabilities when it comes to air combat, while the rest comes down to MiG-29 and Su-27 fighter jets. The latter belongs to the category of the best fighter jets of the Soviet Union at the time of its disintegration. This is a heavy aircraft with a very large range and respectable payloads of combat cargo. However, Ukraine did not have the means to raise it to a higher technical-tactical level.

When it comes to Russia, a deeply modernized version of the Su-35 was developed on the basis of this aircraft, which was introduced in operational use in 2014. Despite the fact that the aircraft itself has practically the same shape compared to its predecessor, it has a number of technical advantages in virtually every respect. Its summer dragon is made of much stronger and lighter material (there are many composites) that are not used at all in the basic version of the Su-27 fighter, which is owned by Ukraine. This reduces the visibility of the aircraft, while on the other hand the Su-35 can carry much more fuel which further increases the operating range. Combined with the AL-41 engine, which has a much higher thrust and the ability to operate vector jets, the summer performance of the Su-35 becomes significantly higher than that of the Su-27.

However, according to the author of this text, the most significant advantage of the Su-35 over the Su-27 is its aeronautics: the old aircraft uses outdated radar that can be relatively easily intercepted in modern air combat conditions. The modernized successor uses aircraft radar Irbis-E with phase antenna grid. The target range of the Su-27 with an effective scattering area of ​​three square meters is only 80 km, while the range for detecting such targets with the Irbis-E radar is up to 400 km. So the range is five times higher.

Optical-Electronic Station (OLS) which uses the Su-35 also in terms of its technical and tactical capabilities is much better than that used by the Su-27 of the Ukrainian Air Force. It allows you to see your target at a distance of up to 90 km, while on the other hand the older version has nothing to look for when it comes to a distance of 50+ km. The 35 can use modern electronic warfare systems Hibini-M and is equipped with a much more modern management, communication and data transmission system.

In this way, according to the American site Military Watch, the pilot of a Su-35 has a far superior insight into the tactical situation compared to practically half of the hunting-interception squadrons of the conventional enemy that uses the basic variant Su-27.

Another special area is armaments

In a potential air collision, both planes will rely heavily on missiles R-77 and R-27, the first of which has an active radar head for self-guidance, while the other, the older one, uses a semi-active type of target guidance. The latter is produced not only in Russia but also on the territory of Ukraine, which assumes that the Ukrainian military industry has the potential to improve it, which is not the case with other types of air-to-air missiles.

What gives the Su-35 a noticeable advantage is its long-range missile R-37M which significantly exceeds the range of the aforementioned missiles and which has a self-guided active radar head that at the end of its path (which can reach 300+ kilometers) detects its target and directs it towards it.

Thanks to the steering nozzles that give the Su-35 top maneuverability, which can hardly match even the most modern aircraft of today, any close air battle with the Ukrainian Su-27 would be known in advance.

Finally, the Russian Su-35 fighter is designed to fight fifth-generation fighters, and according to the American media, Military Watch has a huge advantage over the Ukrainian Su-27 fighters. Even in the event of a significant overrun by Ukrainian Su-27 fighters over the Su-35, the question is how to end such an air battle.

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