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Torture suspect released on low bail charged with fourth murder

A Detroit man who allegedly killed three people, including his mother, after being released on bail by a judge last year, has been charged with a fourth murder.

In accordance with WJBK-TVJonathan Welch tortured and tried to rape his ex-girlfriend last June.

She told police that Welch was suspicious of who she was talking to on the phone and demanded the device be handed over last June. She refused and then held out for four hours tortureShe said.

Evil Frazier, who had a child with Welch, told detectives that her child’s father strangled her with an extension cord for several hours.

Welch allegedly used the cord to strangle Frasier, but would remove it from her neck before she passed out.

She also accused him of threatening her with an electric drill, pouring gasoline between her legs and setting her on fire. She also claimed that he heated a spatula on the stove and burned her hands with it, and also tried to rape her with a stick.

Frazier was able to escape to safety with her child, and Welch was arrested and charged with multiple felony charges for the alleged assault, including torture.

Despite the nature of the alleged violent attack, the magistrate of the 36th District Court Dawn White Detroit set Welch’s bail at just $100,000, meaning he only needed to post 10 percent of that amount in cash to be released.

Welch has been contacted and the police say he found Frazier and killed her.

Should prosecutors be tougher on crime?

From there, according to the officers, he barricaded himself in his mother’s house in Detroit suburb of Harper Woods.

The officers who arrived at the scene stated that he fired at them with a weapon, set fire to the building and killed his mother and her husband.

The victims were identified as Robert Bray Jr. and Flossie Nicole Bray.

Welch was arrested and charged with three murders, for which Judge White was accused by numerous critics, given the severity of the defendant’s alleged crimes and low deposit the amount she set.

Prosecutors on Thursday charged Welch with a fourth murder, which they say happened a week before he tortured Frazier.

Detectives say Welch killed 24-year-old Nathilla Morse last year. Her body was found on June 4 after she had been beaten to death.

Her body remained unidentified for some time, but Welch was implicated in the murder and charged.

He was due to appear in court on Friday, March 24.

When Welch was arrested and charged with three killings last year and held without bail, Fraser’s sister Breonna told the court that the alleged killer should never have been released from prison.

“They let him out of jail, he killed my sister, he killed my sister,” she said. “They should never have let him out of prison… I have nothing more to say.”

Murder Judge Kenneth King called Welch’s alleged actions after the trial was tied up “the worst nightmare.” WJBK-TV reported.

“I know it’s too little too late,” King said. “This is the court’s worst nightmare, the worst possible scenario that could have happened, and that the witness was killed after the defendant was on bail.”

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