Tornado Safety: How to Stay Safe During a Storm

HASTINGS, Neb. (Nebraska) – While it’s not bad weather season yet, it’s time for bad weather awareness. It’s never too early to be prepared before a storm hits. So, let’s look at tips for keeping yourself safe during a tornado warning. We recommend that you continue listening to NOAA Weather Radio and local news to stay up to date with severe weather warnings and alerts. This will keep you informed of where the tornado is occurring. If you’re on the lookout for a tornado and you’re in your home, go to the basement, safe room, or interior room on the lowest floor of the building, away from windows. If you are at work or school, be sure to follow the tornado drill and proceed quickly and calmly to the location of the tornado shelter. Stay away from windows and do not enter large open rooms such as cafeterias, gymnasiums or auditoriums. If you happen to be caught outside, immediately seek shelter inside a sturdy building. Sheds and storage facilities are not secure, nor is a mobile home or tent. If no cover is available, take cover in a ditch or low-lying area. Being in a vehicle during a tornado is not absolutely safe. The best course of action is to drive to the nearest shelter. If you can’t reach a safe haven, get out in the car and cover your head, or abandon the car and seek cover in a low-lying area such as a ditch or ravine. More on tornado safety with tips on how to stay safe after the storm is over coming later than 10 tonight.

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