Top five everyday habits that are as unhealthy as smoking, results of recent study show

Obviously, smoking is one of the deadliest habits. There are, however, other risk factors that are spreading at about the same speed and that mainly result from people’s unhealthy lifestyles.

Here are the top five

  1. Loneliness: The rise of the role of social media and the decrease of face-to-face personal contact with other people is turning loneliness into a widespread phenomenon affecting the entire world. And it can be deadly. Loneliness reduces life expectancy by smoking the equivalent of 15 cigarettes a day.
  2. Sitting. Sitting all day increases the risk of developing various types of cancer.
  3. Insomnia: Insomnia increases the risk of stroke and heart attack in a similar way to smoking, Prof. is convinced. Valerie Gafarov from the World Health Organization.
  4. Solariums. Artificial tan may seem like a useful suntan, but it is not. It is potentially more dangerous than smoking, as it has been linked to causing a number of skin cancers. In 2014, research published in JAMAreveals that tanning beds lead to skin cancer more often than smoking – to lung cancer.

5. Unhealthy eating.

Numerous studies have shown that sugar and processed foods high in saturated fat expose us to potentially fatal diseases – almost as much (if not more) than smoking. In 2016, scientists examining the risk of death in unhealthy people concluded that unhealthy food is much higher than drinking alcohol, taking drugs, having unprotected sex, and smoking combined!

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