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Top 6 of 6: Most Viewed Videos This Week – March 17

(Nebraska) – Below are the most viewed Nebraska videos, the most clicked stories, and the most active social media posts for the week ending Friday, March 10th.

Top 6 Nebraska Videos

6. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office finds possible human remains.

Although they did not find any clear signs of criminal activity, they said they thought the remains could have been there for a long time.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after possible human remains were found at 212th and Rainwood Roads Tuesday afternoon.

5. An Omaha woman accused of child neglect is arrested for violating her probation.

She was initially given a four-year suspended sentence after the death of her child.

Omaha woman whose child died due to alleged neglect is arrested for violating her probation.

4. Missing Omaha man found dead in car.

Authorities say the man’s body was found hidden in his own car in an impound lot.

A missing Omaha man has been found dead. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident as a homicide.

3. The Omaha Medical Department finds a body in a car near an apartment complex.

Police later confirmed to 6 News that investigators do not believe the case is criminal in nature.

Omaha police are investigating after a body was found in a car at an apartment complex near Ralston.

2. Northwest Omaha Eyesore Destroyed

After several notices of violations, the city hired a demolition contractor. The demolition of the house and the large outbuilding behind it cost taxpayers more than $23,000.

Considered an eyesore by many, the northwest corner of Omaha no longer exists after two houses were finally demolished.

1. Reconstruction of the intersection specified at a meeting of the city council

During a City Council hearing, Lockwood Development announced that it had demolished the entire lot near 72nd and Dodge, except for a small section near Target.

The developers responsible for the Crossroads redevelopment project told the Omaha City Council Tuesday.

Six of the best Nebraska stories

6 most popular Nebraska posts

6 Body Found In Omaha

5. Epic Games refund

4. Buffalo Wild Wings lawsuit

3. Lindsay Lohan is expecting a baby

2. Unknown archaeological site

1. Construction of the Crossroads

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