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Top 6 of 6: Most Viewed Videos This Week – February 24

(Nebraska) – Below are the most viewed Nebraska videos, the most clicked stories, and the most active social media posts for the week ending Friday, February 24th.

Top 6 Nebraska Videos

6. Identification of the victim of a shooting at a liquor store in Omaha.

The shooting occurred just after 1:30 p.m. Wednesday near 24th and Leavenworth Streets.

6 News learned of the identity of the man shot to death at a liquor store near 24th Street and Leavenworth on Wednesday afternoon.

5. Maha Festival in Omaha announces line-up for 2023

Hardcore band Turnstile and alt-folk band Big Thief will headline Friday and Saturday nights respectively.

The dates for the 15th annual Maha Music Festival have been announced.

4. Look at discarded Nebraska dressing tables.

Over the years, about 4,000 dressing tables have been rejected.

Nebraska has ditched a lot of dressing tables over the past two decades, and this list might surprise you.

3. Abandoned homeless camp in northwest Omaha causes concern

A homeless camp near 90th and Grand in Omaha has proved dangerous and neighbors want it removed.

The homeless camp near 90th Street and the Grand in Omaha has turned out to be dangerous, and the neighbors want it cleaned up now.

2. A native of Omaha, a surgeon who conquered Everest.

A native of Omaha is preparing to accomplish one of the greatest feats of mankind – climbing Mount Everest.

A native of Omaha is preparing to accomplish one of the greatest feats of man – climbing Mount Everest.

1 Omaha Police Investigate Suspicious Death

The woman was found in an alley and taken to the hospital before her death.

Police investigate woman’s body found in alley

Six of the best Nebraska stories

6 most popular Nebraska posts

6. Defective license plates

5. Composition of the Mach Festival

4. Preparation for climbing Everest

3. Joslyn Art Museum Expansion

2. Dog “Fire-breathing dragon”

1. Two sets of twins

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