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Top 6 of 6: Most Viewed Videos This Week – February 10

(Nebraska) – Below are the most viewed Nebraska videos, the most clicked stories, and the most active social media posts for the week ending Friday, February 10th.

Top 6 Nebraska Videos

6. FULL VIDEO: Omaha police arrest after harassment

A police helicopter picked up a suspect chasing him when he allegedly stopped at an intersection, crashing into one car that hit another.

Omaha police said they arrested two people near 144th Street and West Center Road on Wednesday after a chase.

5. 6 On Your Side tracks down a serial car thief

For several months, investigators have been focused on an unusual car theft case in the Sarpy district. A dozen or more vehicles have been stolen in recent months, usually driven through the surrounding fields of the farm into alleys and garages in parts of Omaha.

6 On Your Side tracked down a man accused of stealing multiple cars in the metro area.

4. A United plane crash-landed in Lincoln after the pilot reported an engine failure.

A United Airlines flight from Chicago to Las Vegas made an unscheduled stop in Nebraska after the pilot reported engine problems.

The United plane made an emergency landing in Lincoln on Saturday.

3. Omaha firefighters put out a fire in a shopping center.

As a result of a mall fire, several people called 911 and reported thick black smoke.

As a result of a mall fire on Sunday morning, several people called 911 and reported heavy black smoke.

2. 6 News Investigation: How was Joey Jones able to buy guns?

As more details emerge about the shooter, who was killed after he caused damage to employees and customers when he fired the Western Omaha SuperTarget, many are wondering how he was able to obtain the firearm.

6 News Investigations: How was the target shooter able to buy the gun?

1. The Burke dance team made history by taking part in competitions.

The Burke Westview Unified Dance Team faced 13 other teams for the national championship in the medium pom-pom division.

The Burke/Westview dance team entered the national competition on Sunday in Florida.

Six of the best Nebraska stories

6 most popular Nebraska posts

6 Woman Found Dead

5. Omaha chase and crash

4. Honda recall

3. New Budweiser Clydesdales

2. A man has attended 57 Super Bowls

1. Starbucks is overpriced.

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