Tom Cruise’s ex-manager: “He screamed over pictures in the newspaper, had anger management problems and was obsessed with his appearance”

Eileen Berlin (82), Tom Cruise’s former manager, said that the actor had a bad temper when he was younger.

She disclosed to the Daily Mail that Tom Cruise once resided with her.

Tom had a horrible temper, she revealed in an interview with Daily Mail, citing one incident in which he was unsatisfied with the 19th birthday present she bought him.

– I handed him an album including snippets from all the articles written in adolescent publications about him. She recalls him yelling, “I don’t want to be in adolescent mags!”

As if it begins to smolder, then boils, and finally bursts. I ascribe it to his insecurity, Berlin said.

After he was recorded yelling at the workers on the set of “Mission: Impossible 7,” the actor generated considerable media attention.

She said that Tom was so concerned with his looks that he spent the whole day experimenting with postures for his first picture session.

He prepared for the picture session by strutting about in his underpants. She said that we had a wall of mirrors, and he was admiring himself in the mirror while wandering about in his trousers and clenching his fists and biceps.

“He was anxious about his height”

“I was ashamed, but he wanted to display his physique. He was quite pleased with it. He bothered about his height of five feet. He said that he wanted to seem somewhat taller by wearing shoes with a higher heel.”

He doesn’t like people

She noted that the actor has always been really egotistical.

“Everything revolved solely around him.

“Just me, me, me, and I,” she stated, adding that he had anger control difficulties as well.

“Not surprisingly, his three marriages to Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes all ended in divorce. I believe he dislikes people. He enjoys what he does.”

– I’m sorry for him. I’m concerned that he’s lonely. So long as he can continue working and making movies, he will be good. She said, “I don’t know what will happen when she can no longer do it.”

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