Tom Cruise’s daughter is now 15 years old, she took all of her mother’s beauty


Tom Cruise has not seen his daughter for 10 years: Suri has grown into a real beauty who is a copy of her mother ѝ

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri Cruz is 15 years old, and many have noticed that she inherited the beauty from her mother.

Over the years, Suri has become more and more like Katie. She does not seem to have inherited much from her father, but it is not known when she last saw him.

Although he had the right to see his daughter 10 days a month for all these years, as a sacrificial Scientologist, his faith forbade him because Suri was not a member of that church.

And it was Tom’s obsession with Scientology that settled his marriage to Katie, who moved out of their shared home eight years ago in fear for himself and his daughter.

Tom allegedly regularly sent letters to his daughter, which her mother hid. But last year, information leaked to the public about how Suri had found her father’s letters at her mother’s parents’s house in Ohio and that, after reading them, she wanted to see him.

Katie, on the other hand, rarely separates from her daughter, and recently revealed how she raises her.

– I love her very much. “My biggest goal is to remain her own and confident, strong and capable person, and to be aware of that,” the actress told “In Style”.

In addition, see for yourself what kind of beauty Suri grew up in:

source: GLOSSY

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