TM Roh has announced the best Samsung Galaxy S device ever

For the upcoming period of introduction of new technologies and devices, TM Roh, President and CEO of the department ia mobile experience (MX) in the company Samsung Electronics in its latest blog post outlined a brief overview of the evolution of Samsung smartphones. While emphasizing that Samsung is constantly striving to develop innovations that will push the boundaries of the industry and provide customers with the best of technology, he also revealed what we can expect from the new smartphones coming in February.

“I’m excited to see how much innovation there is in today’s world. However, I am most excited about the evolution of the smartphone and its technology. It’s really amazing that one device has paved the way for new digital industries – distance, education, entertainment and fitness – and the ability to record, research and communicate with anyone, anywhere, all with a single touch of the screen. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Experience (MX) at Samsung Electronics.

Moving the boundaries in the history of smartphones

It is not enough for innovations to develop in parallel with the world, but they should always be a step forward, and Samsung does just that. TM Roh recalled what it looked like with the arrival of the first Galaxy Note smartphone, which was certainly ahead of its time: “In 2011, the Galaxy Note combined the practicality and portability of smartphones with a 5.3-inch large screen and tablet functionality. “The Note created a legacy where the big screen is now the standard, and the S Pen encouraged people to combine creativity with productivity because they could quickly write their ideas in Samsung Notes.”

“Later, in 2019, we dared to redefine smartphones once again. We created the Galaxy Z Fold and brought a whole new form to the mobile industry, and their cutting-edge folding design changed the way people use their smartphones. “With Flex mode, video calling has become easier, even without the use of hands, while the multi-window option has made it a true multitasking tool.”

Innovations required by users

“In a sea of ​​smartphone equity and repetitive updates, our ambition remains strong: to discover the signals that excite transformation – by listening to your feedback – and to continue to provide a mobile experience that empowers us to grow,” he said. TM Roh.

He believes that many users were surprised when Samsung did not introduce the new Galaxy Note last year. Aware of the great enthusiasm for the Note and S Pen series. He also stressed that they have never forgotten this mobile experience that users love so much.

New evolution of the Galaxy the device

With the approach of Unpacked – the most anticipated event in February, Samsung will present a more interesting device from the new series S. TM Roh revealed that this is one of the most innovative smartphones in which they integrated the best features and experiences from the Galaxy series and that we can again expect top camera.

“With him you will become the king of the night – taking the best and brightest photos and videos you have ever taken with a smartphone. It will be dominated by extraordinary power, speed and tools that can not be found anywhere else. You will also enjoy state-of-the-art innovations available thanks to the Galaxy’s smartest experience to date and the Galaxy’s most sustainable ecosystem. “It will help us shape the future of smartphones – so get ready for the ultimate Galaxy experience,” announced TM Roh.

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