Tip from an experienced flight attendant: this is how to avoid sitting next to a baby and how to get a better seat

Those of you who have not yet embarked on a summer vacation may wish to contemplate where you will be seated on an upcoming flight.

Thousands of Irish citizens have already traveled abroad this summer to enjoy some sun or a city break.

However, if you’re still deciding where and when to travel, you may want to consider the advise of a former flight attendant who has provided travelers with travel guidance.

Sam is a former flight attendant with British Airways.

She shared with us her unique tips for making the most of your travel.

“If you book the middle aisle front row on a long-haul flight, you might get some extra leg room, however, this came with a warning: “But you’re more than likely to be sat next to a baby.

This is because this seat features a fold-down table for cots/bassinets, allowing infants to sleep in them rather than on a passenger’s lap for the whole of the journey.

Consequently, although this may appear to be a tempting option for taller passengers, those wishing to get some sleep should reconsider.

Choosing one seat over another might be the difference between a rapid dinner service and a lengthy wait.

Sam explained: “Food is usually served from front of the cabin to the back.”

Therefore, if you don’t like watching others receive their meal while you wait for your own, sitting at the front may be the best option. However, be cautious of Sam’s first piece of advice to avoid the infant sobbing in the first row of the middle aisle.

Sam continued: “So, something to bear in mind when choosing your seats – top of the cabin is usually best for first service.”

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