TikTok removed 113 million videos in last three months

Social network TikTok removed more than 113 million clips between April and June this year, according to the company’s quarterly report.

Numerous clips have been removed for violating the terms of service, but this is only a small percentage compared to the amount of content that is posted on TikTok. Specifically, 113 million clips represent only 1% of the total number posted during the three months.

The most common reason for removing a video is a violation of rules related to the safety of minors, accounting for just under 44% of videos removed. Other common reasons are illegal activities and regulated goods, as well as explicit content and sexual activity, according to the report.

An increasing number of TikTok clips are being removed by the platform’s automated systems, with around 48 million removed last quarter. Almost 96% of videos in the three-month period were removed before users reported them to TikTok. The company said it uses automated tools and human analysis when reviewing content that may violate its terms of service.

Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, TikTok battled misinformation and fake military content that appeared en masse on the platform, eventually banning clips from Russia and introducing labeling of state media.

Ahead of the US election in November, TikTok announced it was banning fundraising for political purposes and requiring government, politician and political party accounts to apply for verification. This is an indication that TikTok is putting more effort into preventing election disinformation and political advertising that, despite the ban, is being “disguised” through influencers.

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