Three vegetables that must be heavily consumed in the fall, according to nutritionist

As we all know, vegetables are extremely useful for health, because they contain many vitamins, minerals, salts, which help the body to function better. Today we are going to list three autumn fruits and vegetables that you should eat in November. They will prepare you for winter.


The benefits of carrots to your health are enormous. Of all the vegetables, the carrot has the highest content of the provitamin A (beta-carotene), which the body processes into vitamin A – a powerful antioxidant. It increases the resistance of cells against viruses, and helps protect against malignant tumors, heart diseases, and also improves vision.


Leek is a complex of useful antioxidants and nutrients. Its composition includes useful substances such as vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, iron, fiber, magnesium. It is a good diuretic – it stimulates the activity of the kidneys and helps in the secretion of water from the body. Due to its quality and its low calorie content, leeks are recommended for people who have problems with obesity, swelling, gout, kidney stones, etc. It also has a strong antibacterial effect. The low content of sugars and the high content of proteins and vitamins in it make it a suitable food for diabetics.


The wealth of vitamins, mineral salts, the low caloric value and the beneficial effect on the body turn cabbage into valuable an ingredient for any healthy menu. The content of vitamin C in cabbage is higher than in lemons and oranges.

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