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Three Omaha residents died in a garage due to carbon monoxide poisoning after leaving car running while garage doors were closed

OMAHA, Nebraska — Investigators believe that a car that was left running inside of a garage in Omaha was the cause of the carbon monoxide poisoning that resulted in the deaths of three local individuals last week.

It was determined by the Omaha Fire Department on Wednesday that the car was the source of the odorless, colorless gas that caused the deaths of David Coleman, 52, Thomas Coleman, 18, and Cole Oban, 19. All three victims were found inside a residence in west Omaha.

On the evening of August 31, their bodies were discovered at a residence located in the Millard neighborhood of Omaha. A woman who was the fourth victim of the carbon monoxide poisoning was sent to a hospital for treatment.

The investigation has led investigators to think that the vehicle was inadvertently left running within the garage of the property.

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