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Three Omaha residents accused of shooting death Omaha teenager will go to trial

OMAHA, Nebraska – Following their initial appearance in front of a judge at the beginning of August, the three people who have been charged in connection with the shooting death of an 18-year-old will all be required to stand trial.

Alicia Granneman, 19, Schuyler Buckingham-Yeoman, 18, and Jordan Humphrey, 21, have been charged with homicide in connection with the investigation into the death of Dayton Wenz, 18, who was found dead.

Humphrey’s case will be heard in court on four charges, one of which is second-degree murder, and he is still being held without bond. The felony count of possessing drugs was dismissed, and there is now no scheduled date for the trial to take place.

Buckingham-Yeoman and Granneman have both decided to forego their right to a preliminary hearing regarding their roles as an accomplice to a second-degree murder. Both of them have a bail in the amount of $500,000.

Buckingham-Yeoman is said to have admitted to being present when the shooting occurred and hiding the weapon that was used at his home, according to the police. Granneman is suspected of hiding the car that was used in the shooting after the incident had taken place.

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