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Threatening callers who claim to be with UPS are likely criminals, say Nebraska Police

LINCOLN, Neb. (Nebraska) – Callers claiming to work for UPS have been contacting people in Southeast Nebraska and authorities believe they are attempting to commit crimes.

The York Police Department suspects they are trying to gather information on your whereabouts, in order to rob you in the future.

Some people have even reported receiving threats while on the phone with these callers.

That’s why YPD says you’ll definitely want to keep your guard up if you get unexpected calls in the next few days.

One trend they’ve noticed with these potential scammers is that they may have a foreign accent, as well as claiming to be a UPS representative.

Police say if you question the validity of a call, ask for the person’s first and last name.

Then you also get a callback number and immediately share that information with local authorities.

UPS also has a statement about handling potential fraud.

Its website says: “If UPS contacts you about a package, the UPS representative will always be able to provide a tracking number, which you can check on our website. You should also be aware that UPS may contact you from time to time regarding service offerings or for marketing purposes, but you can always verify our telephone number and call back before proceeding.

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