Thousands of residents protesting the latest Covid-19 pandemic measures in Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Thousands of people in the Netherlands marched against government restrictions imposed to curb the spread of a new type of coronavirus.

The organization “The Netherlands Resists” organized a march on the Museum Square in the capital Amsterdam in protest of the restrictions. About 20,000 people gathered and chanted: “No to fascism” and “No to dictatorship”.

Responding to restrictions and vaccination policies, activists also carried banners reading: “Enough is enough”, “Children are our future, not experimental animals”, “No to QR dictatorships”, “Less restrictions, more health care”.

Farmers with about 30 tractors also took part in the protests, and they asked the Government to lift the restrictions. Farmers carried banners reading “When will it be over” and “We are here for freedom”.

Some of the protesters asked the Dutch government to improve health care.

The police did not banned the gathering of demonstrators, although the museum square was declared a zone forbidden for demonstrations and gatherings.

Extensive security measures were taken during the demonstrations and ended after minor incidents.

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