This is how the crash detection technology works in Lincoln

OMAHA, Nebraska — We later learnt that a “crash app” on a smartphone notified first responders to the emergency in last weekend’s fatal collision involving individuals in their 20s. It has brought the technology to the forefront.

Troy Gowan, a 911 dispatcher in Sarpy County, told 3 News Now that he is receiving more calls from devices with this capability – and it’s not just your phone.

“Due to the new technology of cell phones, Onstar, SiriusXM, and other similar devices, we receive an increasing number of calls for not only collision detection but also fall detection,” he stated. “I would estimate that we receive one or two per shift. Therefore, at least a few per day will originate from various devices: Apple watch, cell phone, and your own vehicles.”

We wanted to understand more about how it can connect individuals to the crucial assistance they may require in an emergency, such as a car accident or a serious fall.

“Your watch has dialed 911, but all we can hear are ambient park sounds or your quick breathing. Since we do not have vocal contact with you, we will use one of our systems that employs digital technology to attempt to pinpoint your whereabouts “he said.

According to Gowan, this technology has existed for several years and is gaining popularity with new devices such as the most recent iPhone and other smartphones such as the Google Pixel.

On Apple devices, the feature is enabled by default until the user manually disables it.


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