“This is actually her first major hurricane I’d say,” Omaha man says while tracking Ian and his family relatives in Florida

OMAHA, Nebraska  — Growing up in Nebraska, one becomes accustomed to very harsh weather.

The ordinary Nebraskan is typically unfazed by a severe thunderstorm or even a tornado, but Omaha native Benjamin Cooney’s family is witnessing Mother Nature at her most extreme.

“I believe this is her first major hurricane. There were a few tropical storms during the past few years, but they were not very severe “explained Cooney.

Since Shannon, the sister of Ben, arrived to Tampa four years ago, she has experienced few severe storms.

As Ian drew closer to Florida’s coast, though, this began to alter.

“Over the weekend, it was predicted to be only a two or three down in Tampa. However, this morning they stated that the effort will be intensified. They upgraded it to a category four this morning, at which point they were more inclined to say, “Okay, this is a serious situation; let’s begin taking action.” “explained Cooney.

Cooney stated that his sister lives distant from the coast, but it does not prevent her and her fiancé from preparing for the worst.

“He began barricading the house by placing sandbags over the essentials. Purchasing food and supplies in the event of a power outage “said Cooney.

Cooney states that he has been able to maintain touch with his sister, albeit on an irregular basis.

He’s not overly concerned about the worst-case situation, but he’s prepared to assist his family if necessary.

“There is definitely the thought in the back of your mind, “Okay, if push comes to shove, me, my parents, and my sister will have to hop in a truck.” If they absolutely need assistance or to leave, I have no problem renting a U-Haul or hopping in my father’s vehicle and going to assist “explained Cooney.

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