Things to do in Omaha April 20

Despite the red state legislature preaching reefer madness and going so far as to decriminalize cannabis in the state of Nebraska, the 4/20 celebration in Omaha will go ahead as planned.

The even better news is that there are several ways to make the most of this federally unrecognized holiday, from laid-back get-togethers to truly exciting live concerts. Here are six things to do in Omaha on April 20, followed by one thing to do in Council Bluffs.

The Down Under Lounge, known for its weekly open mic on Wednesdays, was formerly the Side Door Lounge. Found on event page

Jerry Jokers and Powder Blue in DU

The annual Down Under (DU) 4/20 party kicks off at 4:20 pm with Jerry Pranksters putting on juicy jams on the outdoor stage. After that, Powder Blue (a Ween tribute band) will perform at DU, which 2022 readers have named as one of the best bars for internet dating, live music, bartenders and more.

The Jerry Pranksters are renowned champions of the Omaha music scene, familiar with Down Under where they pay homage to the Jerry Garcia Band and the Grateful Dead. The group makes those covers justice with its unique electric living energy and out-of-body psychedelic fatal vibrations.

If you’re a fan of the eclectic – often wild and conceptual – indie rock band Ween, chances are you’ll love Powder Blue, which colorfully embodies the source material.

The Jewell, once the Dreamland Ballroom, officially opened as a jazz venue in 2019. Information can be found on the event page.

The Bruce Katz Band at Jewell

The Bruce Katz Band will perform two sets at one show at The Jewell on April 20 presented by the Blues Society of Omaha.

Bruce Katz is a keyboardist with a rich repertoire, well versed in the genres of blues, soul, jazz and rock. Since the band has two setlists to perform, the show will likely explore much of the tunes spanning the past century thanks to these now key genres in music that concertgoers once enjoyed in a live music environment, yes, sometimes stoned. . Why not celebrate jazz cabbage with jazz music?

Katz has amassed a dynamic discography from his still vibrant career, including ten albums as a bandleader, touring experience with the Gregg Allman Band (and occasionally the Allman Brothers), and over 60 studio recordings as an invaluable session musician. jazz and blues legends (for example, John Hammond).

Lauritzen Gardens offers several activities for adults besides the beautiful leafy landscape. Found on Facebook page

Watercolor basics at Laurizen Gardens

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the wonderful world of watercolor painting, you can study 4/20 at the cold, romantic gardens of Lauritzen. Create beautiful works that you can proudly display in a setting that goes great with a flower-themed holiday!

Instructor Sydney Sehi will lead the course for which no experience is required – you can prove yourself as an absolute amateur.

And if you know something or even a little about painting, even especially about watercolor, you can still learn something by subscribing to the course.

The course will cover the basics such as the materials you need and how to get the desired values ​​for the colors you will paint with. You will receive all materials when you come to the class: buy tickets ($45-55) and register for the event online.

King ISO is part of the Tech N9ne Strange Music record label. Found on Facebook event page

King Iso with Thebo Tha Truth and others

  • 19:30 show | $20-$25 | All ages
  • Lounge: 6212 Maple St | (402) 884-5353

Another hip-hop showcase filled with 4/20 will take place in the waiting room.

Nice Enough Entertainment brings together local talent, great performance opportunities, and Omaha’s large year-round territory around music medicine, but the annual 4/20 show takes that mission to the next level.

Well-known and up-and-coming local artists will put on what could easily become the biggest local show and the only 4/20 of the year. King Iso will be the headliner and will be continued by Taebo Tha Truth. Supporting acts were Pakk Dillon, Yung Rico Chills, Dread & Strange, Gdot Savo, Abstrakt, Dredaymackoveli, Thuggy Yuxk x Race Coakley and Outlawz.

Tickets cost $20-$25 before fees, depending on whether you buy tickets at the entrance. Speaking of “the door”, the entrance to the show opens at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:30. All ages can visit this indoor showcase.

Don’t miss the four heavy bands/artists bridging the gap between metal and electronic music at the Reverb Lounge. Found on Facebook event page

Treeline, Xid, High Ruler and Cote in Reverb

Sludge metal band Treeline will headline an all-ages showcase at the Reverb Lounge on April 20th.

Support bands Xid, High Ruler and Cote will also make some noise. Xid is an industrial artist, Cote is a noise band, and High Ruler is a stoner doom band.

While some may be put off by harsh sounds, others feel at home in the chaos. For fans of stoner, sludge, noise, industrial metal or electronic music, the 4/20 Treeline show at Reverb will be a feast for the ears.

And while not everyone will tie the dots between the dirtiest, doomiest metal and cannabis, many heavy bands have instilled a love for the plant with legendary power slides. Likewise, many of the bands that rock the hardest are straight edged (sober). You!

Pageturners effortlessly balances the neighborhood bar vibe with the establishment’s legendary, intimate status. Facebook event page found

Lily McCown at the Pageturners Lounge

  • show at 20:00 | No cover
  • Page Turning Room: 5004 Dodge Street |(402) 933-3973

At 8:00 pm on April 20 at 8:00 pm, touring singer Lily McCown will headline the main stage of the Pageturners Lounge.

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, McKeown has been releasing music – multiple singles, an EP and a record – on since 2019. Many of McKeown’s melodies combine melancholy and sunny mood with stripped-down, lyrical, atmospheric and lo-fi sounds.

Ben Eisenberger, a local singer-songwriter who plays melancholy midwestern acoustic music, will open the show. Eisenberger’s bandcamp has been running since 2018, and the 2020 album “Soloists” is the latest release you can check out.

The two singer-songwriters, their respective projects and their distinctive tonal identities will be at home at Pageturners, famous for their summer cocktails. Pageturners is owned by Conor Oberst, singer-songwriter for Bright Eyes, Despararedicos, Mystic Valley Band and more.

The show is free to attend and starts at 20:00 and you must be at least 21 years old to watch it.

Maloney’s was originally located in Omaha but moved to Council Bluffs in 2019. Found on website.

Direct Hit, Worthy Criminal, First Class Defect, and Maloney’s Sheeps

If you find yourself on the other side of the river, Direct Hit will headline a 4/20 punk show at Maloney’s Pub in Council Bluffs. Decent Criminal, Top-Notch Defective and The Shidiots will support you in this cool Irish bar.

Four punk bands from all over the country. Direct Hit is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Decent Criminal is from Santa Rosa, California, Top-Notch Defective is a punk band from Lincoln, Nebraska, and The Shidiots are from Omaha.

Maloney’s is located on the 100th block in downtown Council Bluffs, carving out a spot for itself as the premier venue for live music.

Doors open at 19:30 and the show starts at 20:00. This is an all-ages event, and tickets cost between $13 and $18, depending on whether you buy tickets at the door or in advance.

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